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Looking For Alaska


  • Title - Looking For Alaska

  • Author - John Green

  • Genre - Coming of Age

  • Publisher - Dutton Children's Books

  • Pages - 221

  • Book Type - Fiction

  • ISBN - 0-525-47506-0

Synopsis: Miles Halter also referred to as "pudge" throughout the book, is the main protagonist. The book starts with Miles leaving his hometown in Florida to attend a boarding school called Culver Creek in Alabama. He makes friends with his new roommates and gets introduced to the beautiful and mysterious Alaska Young. The story focuses on his life at his new school, friendships and growing attachment with the unattainable Alaska. 

Review: John Green is one of my favorite author's for many reasons. With every book he is able to make you feel connected to the characters as if you are a character in the book, and he was able to do that with this book as well. Looking for Alaska is filled with every emotion you can imagine ranging from funny, sad, and inspiring. Upon reading this book and researching meanings throughout it I came to find out that this is John Green's first book, and to say I was surprised is an understatement. This book was written so well, and so easy to follow you wouldn't of expected it to be his first.


One of the best things about Miles is his habit to read biographies in search of last words. Through this habit is actually how Miles found himself at Culver Creek. Through attending this boarding school Miles found himself in a friend group where he finally felt accepted. In this friend group he met Alaska, the girl he would desperately yearn over.

John Green is able to write the characters of these books so relatable which is why, as a reader I was so drawn into the story. Most relatable being Miles, many can find themselves in the same longing that Miles has for Alaska. The book can get frustrating at times waiting for Miles and Alaska to finally be together but with a deeper understanding you realize why that was held off for so long.

This story has heartbreak, and not just for the character's but for the reader as well. Without adding any spoilers I will say that John Green is known for ripping our hearts out by making us grow a connection to his characters, and if you have read his other novel "The Fault in Our Stars" you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Overall, this book was a great read for many reasons. After finishing it I found myself reflecting over it for hours and even days. Questioning decisions John Green made throughout his book but eventually always giving in to him making the right decisions. I felt so close to the characters which not a lot of authors can make a reader feel, with this connection their emotions became mine as well. 

Verdict: Looking for Alaska was an amazing read, and I have recommended this book to many people probably hundred's of times. The writing is great, and the narration is perfect. I have come to expect greatness from this author and he has never failed me.

Rating: 9 - Great

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