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3 New Mom Tricks I Wish I Knew Sooner

As a new mom you're constantly searching for what the baby needs when they're born, and reading tons of books to prepare you for that little one joining your life. Although all of these tips are very helpful some times we tend to forget about mom tricks. Mom tricks are things learned over the years and passed down the generations to teach their children. A lot of the time these tricks are kept between families and other moms don't get the satisfaction of knowing these tricks. I'm going to share with you 3 tricks I have learned from becoming a mom. These may be well known tricks but when I found them out they completely changed how I did things for my daughter.

Trick 1: Step into your clothes

So I actually learned this trick from my MIL (where I learn most tricks). If your LO is anything like mine they hate when you put clothes over their head. Anytime I would try to put a onsie/shirt on Amelia she would freak out and cry and fight with me to pull it off. It got harder as she got older. One day on face time my MIL saw me struggling with her and told me that most baby outfits are made with stretchy shoulders and can actually be put on from the feet up instead of the head down. This was designed for in case a baby has a huge blowout you don't have to pull the outfit over their head, risking getting their poop on their head. This became very helpful to getting her changed everyday, she stopped fighting with me and didn't even realize I was dressing her. Also Amelia tends to have a blowout a few times a week and this helps prevent me from having to risk getting the top of her dirty. This is probably one of my favorite tricks.

Trick 2: One diaper on, one diaper under

So I learned this trick the hard way. When Amelia was first born she would constantly pee and poop whenever I would take her diaper off. Her changing area was always being washed, our floors were always being scrubbed, and whatever outfit she was wearing always got pee on it. It was frustrating changing her because I knew she was going to make a mess as soon as I took her diaper off, it was like she knew...after a month of this I finally caved and bought washable changing pads which were helpful but it didn't save me trips to the laundry since I was still constantly washing them. One day when I was changing her I accidentally laid her on one of her new diapers, and when she went to pee all of the pee absorbed into her new diaper instead of getting all over the place. Y'all, I literally thought I had hit the jackpot when I learned about this trick. Ever since than I always put a clean diaper under her butt before I change her to prevent accidents, and if she doesn't pee than it makes it really simple to put her new diaper on. This is one of my favorite common sense tricks.

Trick 3: No bottle warmer? No problem

So this last trick I just learned recently from my MIL again. My husband and me found ourselves lugging our bottle warmer around everywhere because Amelia would get hungry at random times due to her medications. Although it felt like an easy solution we couldn't always find a plug, to plug in the warmer. It wasn't until my husbands mom asked why we were doing it that way, and told us we should buy a thermos. So we bought one and before leaving for a long day of doctor appointments or a hike we would heat the water a little hotter than a normal bottles temperature and store it in the thermos. This trick has helped us so many times and prevented a very moody baby.

After writing all of these tricks down I see that they are a little obvious, but sometimes us new parents just don't know, especially when we are busy with our newborn. I hope these tricks help you as much as they have helped me.

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