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Amelia's Favorite Toys

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I think it is fair to say babies go through favorite toys like they do diapers, but every parents knows those couple of toys they would choose over any other. Over the past couple of months I have learned exactly what Amelia's favorite toys are and why, so I am going to share that with you.

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This has been a favorite of Amelia's for months now. There are a few things about this toy that make it so great! The one thing I really loved about this toy is that you can switch it between three languages (English, Spanish, French). This feature sold me completely. It is a great learning opportunity for Amelia to hear the songs and colors in multiple languages. Another great feature about this toy is that you can remove the legs and place it onto the ground for the babies who haven't quite mastered standing yet. The reason why Amelia loves this toy so much is because she can create her own music on it, whether that be playing the piano, drums, or a little bit of everything!

One of my favorite things about this toy is that it can keep Amelia entertained for an hour or even more. There is four sides to this activity center that she just takes turns going to each side and playing. There are a lot of things on it to keep her distracted and it helps with her developmental by teaching her how to move certain parts of the toy. One of the best things is the design of this toy, it is all wooden and colored very nice to look well in any nursery, and it adds a great touch to Amelia's.

This toy is one of Amelia's new favorites. She got this one on Christmas and has been obsessed ever since. A great feature is that this toy can come in pink or blue so you can choose what color is best for your baby. We have been trying to teach Amelia her shapes and this has helped out a lot. The basket has slots to put the snacks that are designed like shapes into. Amelia has been most obsessed with the forks, she will carry them anywhere she goes. This also gives her and me an opportunity to have a little picnic together.

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