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Bun In the Oven

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

My husband Riley and I were trying for a baby for a few months. After many negative tests we felt like we were losing hope. I talked to my sister, Kerri about the negative tests and how I was upset we weren't pregnant yet, and losing motivation. I tell Kerri everything, as she normally has the best but bluntest advice...I think her exact words were, "Really Kat, I tried for 3 years until I got pregnant, get your head out of your ass and go have sex" those words of "encouragement" helped me out. She also suggested I buy ovulation tests, and pre-seed to help my chances of getting pregnant. So I went to the store and bought 3 boxes of the most expensive ovulation tests to ensure accurate readings and also bought some pre-seed, which really just feels like over priced lube...but I was willing to try anything. When it came to the ovulation tests, I'm not convinced I was actually doing it right, because it seemed like I was never ovulating...but I just kept peeing on sticks. The pre-seed was nice only because it made sex even more enjoyable (would recommend for that reason). Two months after buying the products I did my weekly thing of peeing on a stick. As I waited for the test, I sat on my phone playing games. After about 3 minutes, I looked over and saw one line...feeling upset once again I went to throw the test in the trash. Before I did, I noticed a small faint line next to the control line. I thought that it must be a defective test or maybe I accidentally peed a little on the spot where the lines are and it smeared the other one. After about probably 15 minutes of inspecting I decided to throw it away. I went to go lay back in bed and got a call from Kerri, who calls me everyday to chat. We were just having a casual conversation when she asked me for updates on getting pregnant. I told her I took another test today but just another negative..I also mentioned that I must've peed on the ink because it created a small faint line next to the other dark line. Kerri sat there in awe for a moment as she was trying to process the words which just came out of my mouth, which she normally does when talking to me. She than demanded that I go take the pregnancy test out of the trash and show her. I started thinking how she must think I am stupid and can't read a pregnancy test, so I went and got it and showed her, and being all cocky said "See, one line, and then a small faint one." She started smiling really hard and laughing at me. She said "Kat any other line means you're pregnant, you idiot." I sat there in shock and disbelief, as she just continued to laugh and mock me. I honestly didn't think I was pregnant, so she insisted I go take another test. I took a different one from another brand, and after a very excruciating 3 minutes of waiting, I saw the words "Pregnant".

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